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0302E Training: Complaint Management in customer communication on the phone, in writing and in person.

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Yes, we also do trainings in english.

Beschwerdemanagement Seminar auf Englisch

In our complaint management training, you will learn how to conduct complaint discussions in a solution-oriented manner and deal with customer complaints professionally.

You will be able to communicate more constructively and confidently with your customers by e-mail, phone, and personal conversations. Community management and complaint handling via social media are also components of the complaint management training. You will learn how to respond confidently to difficult personalities as well as personal attacks.

You will benefit from valuable feedback from the trainers and best practice from other participants and strengthen your communication skills in the long term.

Who is the Complaint Management Training ideal for?

For specialists and managers from the following areas: secretarial staff, customer service, customer care, sales and complaint management, and anyone who is confronted with complaints and claims and would like to deal with difficult customers more confidently.

Where does the training take place?

This is in-house training. It can take place on our premises, in a hotel or on your premises.

It can also be booked as an in-house live webinar:

Webinar in the Virtual Classroom with live video transmission of all participants and trainers.
Individual selection of topics after a comprehensive analysis of your wishes.
Interactive training in a small group with a lot of practical content
Location-independent, efficient and time-saving

The following content is the focus of the complaint management training:

How comprehensive is the complaint management seminar?

The intensity of the training can vary. Whether it is a one-day or a multi-day seminar depends on many factors. We are happy to advise you on this and design the training concept according to your wishes and ideas.

How many people can take part in the training?

The group size is usually a maximum of 15 participants. Complaint management also takes place in smaller groups.

Who leads the training?

The selection of our trainers for the complaint management training depends on your industry.

What methods are used in the complaint management seminar?

The training is generally designed to be very interactive. Participants can practice new approaches directly and integrate them much more quickly into their everyday work.

What can you achieve through the complaint management training?

You will ...

How do you receive a customized offer?

Feel free to send us your request via ...

You can reach us by phone on +49 (0) 251 394 88 527

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